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Chess Resources

Here are some chess resources that you might find useful from the United States Blind Chess Association.

Adaptive Chess Sets

This companymakes adaptive chess sets. See Chess sets for people who are blind

Some of these resources are good general resources, but also accessible.

Other Chess Associations In The Blindness Community

Accessible Chess Software

Below is a compilation of accessible chess software that we know of. Let us know if you find out about any other chess apps for PC, Mac, iOS, Android, or any other platform.


BG Chess Challenge

BG Chess Challenge is a totally free accessible program designed to play a good game of chess against an average player. It is not designed to be world-beating and has not been rated against any other chess engine. This is the first game in the Blind Gamers series of games which is designed for all levels of visual acuity. It can be run in one of three modes: Blind, Vision Impaired or Sighted. Its features include: easy board navigation; helpful function keys to report threats and attacks on pieces and empty squares; play against the computer or another human player; undo moves; save and resume game; hint key to give you a hint as to your next move; and comprehensive help including a separate document for beginners entitled "How To Play Chess.".

For more information, contact: Ian Humphreys at Blind Gamers
Or Visit The Blind Gamers BG Chess Page

KChess Elite

KChess Elite can play with two players, one player against the computer (black or white), or the computer against itself. Choose from a variety of time restrictions, or none at all. Change the playing strength to suit yourself. There are dozens of options to customise the appearance and operation of the game.

There is full keyboard and mouse control, and an easy to use button bar. Special features make the program particularly good for blind or visually impaired players. Voice feedback can be male or female. There is extensive help, including a comprehensive glossary and the rules of chess. KChess Elite is also suited for use with screen reader software for the blind or visually impaired.

For more information and pricing, visit the Ark Angles website at Ark Angles.com

Winboard 4.5.2 for Jaws

Winboard 4.5.2 for JAWS is an updated program that offers improved keyboard access and many features. You can also play with NVDA. You can also use it to play Chess on an Internet chess server.

If you would like more information Read more about Winboard for Jaws. Or you can Download the Winboard Installer.

Apple IOS and Mac Chess Software

Read Applevis reviews about the following chess software:

Braille Chess Books From The USBCA