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LiChess Tutorial

Note: This tutorial assumes you are using a screen reader such as JAWS, NVDA, or VoiceOver, and that you are using a computer. Our thanks to the author: José María Saponara for writing the original tutorial.

1. Introduction

This tutorial guides blind players through using LiChess, a free online chess platform. While not all LiChess features are accessible, this guide covers playing games, joining teams, analyzing games, and basic settings.

2. Getting Started

2.1 Enable Blind Mode

2.2 Navigating the Site

3. Playing a Game

3.1 Accepting a Challenge

3.2 Challenging a Friend

3.3 Playing Against the Computer

4. During the Game

Common commands

Note that some of the following is in upper case and some is in lower case.

5. Additional Features

Downloading Games

Analyzing Games

Joining Teams

6. Helpful Tips

7. Conclusion

This tutorial provides a basic guide to playing chess online on Lichess. Remember, this is not an exhaustive guide, and Lichess offers many other features to explore.

Reach out to the member list if you need help.