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USBCA 2024 Ladder TournamentStandings

This is where you can find the United States Blind Chess Association correspondence Ladder tournament standings.

Tournament Director Contact Information

Please write this information down somewhere other than on your computer in case you do not have access to your computer when you need it. It is your responsibility to keep this contact information where you can access it.

Official 2024 Ladder Standings

2023 Ladder Tornament champion, Jim Thoune

Rank NAME Color for next matchup STATUS Matchup
1 Malcolm Jones W Available
2 David Rosenkoetter B Available
3 Louis Prem W Available
4 Michael Flood B Available
5 Phil Haaland B Available
6 Rick Miller B In play Rick-Marilyn
7 Dammie Onafeko W Available
8 Marilyn Bland W In play Rick-Marilyn
9 Anthony Horton W Available
10 Viral Trivedi B Available
11 Evan Reese W In play Zolotarevsky-Reese
12 Edward Zolotarevsky B In play Zolotarevsky-Reese
13 Alan Schlank B Available
14 Martin Gadow B Available
15 Donald Crosswhite B In play Donald-Glenn
16 Jim Thoune B Available
17 Glenn Crawford W In play Donald-Glenn
18 Ginny Alverson B Available
19 Vinny Beatty W Available
20 Chris Adamson W Available
21 George McDermith W Available
22 Mario Montalvo W Available